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What is a modern bounce house and what is soft play?

Modern Bounce House:

Modern Bounce Houses are the non-traditional bouncers that provide a  blank canvas that can match any party occasion. They are commercially manufactured and are provided in various pastel colors. The bounce houses are aesthetically beautiful and can make your party elevate to luxury!​

Soft Play: 

Soft play areas provide a safe and fun environment for young children to interact and develop essential life skills. The soft play area can be personalized to your child's needs, with the reassurance that they won't come to any potential injuries due to the soft nature of the sensory equipment.
According to research some of the key benefits of soft play include:
◽cognitive development growth
◽social skills
◽communication skills
◽motor skills
◽problem solving

How do I book for my event?

The best way to book with us is to submit an inquiry . We highly encourage you to complete the full form and provide any special requests you may have. We will respond 24-48hrs and inform you about our availability & provide you with a quote

What forms of payment do you take?

We have various forms of payments that we accept. Once you receive our invoice we will provide all payment options. Includes credit cards etc

If you are a non-profit , school , please make sure to include your tax-exempt information

Do I have to pay the full amount to book my day?

No! We only require a deposit . Your deposit will be based on the total of your rental. Starts at $50 & up . The deposit amount will be provided to you once your inquiry is answered :)

(Deposit will be deducted from your total balance) 

Kindly reminder, ALL deposits are


What is your weather policy?

Don't we just love our unpredictable Texas weather ? We highly encourage you to always have a backup plan with every rental . Including; ball pits, soft play and bounce houses. Importantly, we remind all of our customers that The Contemporary Bounce is not responsible for the unforeseen weather changes.
Deposits are non refundable for weather related cancellations, but we can assist you in rescheduling for another date.( For further details please read our rental agreement :) )

Are the bounce houses only for Weddings?

NO! These gorgeous bounce houses belong at every special occasion! Including but not limited to Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, brunches, graduations, baby showers, holidays etc. :)

What if I need assistance with booking and have questions about products?

We would love to assist you! We encourage you to note that you want to be contacted on the inquiry form . We would then contact you by phone :)

What is your Cancellation Policy

All deposits made to hold the date and rentals are NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event that your event is canceled , a credit will be held on your account indefinitely and can be used in the future.  

Do you travel?

Yes! We enjoy traveling outside of San Antonio . A traveling fee will be determined based on the distance . Please provide the full address of event location for a full quote.

Do you provide an attendant?

Yes! We highly encourage attendants for safety purposes. An attendant is mandatory if your venue requires a certificate of insurance. The attendant will be added to the invoice . If you are interested in having one for any other reason please let us know .

Questions? Contact us today, we are  always ready to help.

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